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equivalent to using the word poon in a sentence, it refers to the male genitalia.
Jess: That dude is hot.
Joan: I would so tap that manpoon.
by jbonbon August 05, 2008
8 4
Homosexual term that refers to a man's anus as his man poon. More commonly known in hetrosexual terms as a poonani which refers to a female's genitalia.
Statement giving advance notification that a sexual act is about to occur, "I'm about to hit that man poon."

Complimenting a sexual partner immediately proceeding sexual intercourse, "...that was some hot man poon."
by N8 September 10, 2004
22 12
It is when a man has the squirts or loose stools and needs to use some roll toilet paper like a tampoon to catch or absorb shit. It avoids a man to have shit streaks on his underwear.
Man I need to go to the bathroom to get a manpoon or my girlfriend will think that I shit myself.
by JBCE August 22, 2007
10 7
The ultimate in a metro sexual. or latent homosexual male.
One who loves to have every orifice penetrated whether he admits it or not.

Also known as JR.
Man we double slammed the Man Poon last night.
by Mark E Griffin February 26, 2010
3 4
male vagina, mangina.
male genitals or asshole.
she punched him right in the man-poon.
by B-R August 26, 2005
3 6
Another word for the male reproductive organ, most commonly used when referring to homosexual relations(sex).
Stephen Neirinick likes the man poon.
by kidda October 30, 2003
2 12