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A "cake" or "stick" of weed that, if eaten, gives you a buzz.
"dude i just ate a huge bud brownie and I'm soooooo high!!!"
by N8 July 03, 2003
GOD owner of ALL things
U cant fuk with MESEKE
by N8 April 05, 2004
Homosexual term that refers to a man's anus as his man poon. More commonly known in hetrosexual terms as a poonani which refers to a female's genitalia.
Statement giving advance notification that a sexual act is about to occur, "I'm about to hit that man poon."

Complimenting a sexual partner immediately proceeding sexual intercourse, "...that was some hot man poon."
by N8 September 10, 2004
male who takes home fat girls from a bar or party. the best at hogging.
See that guy over there, he's the ultimate hogslayer.
by N8 May 06, 2005
From condimentsquad.com a flash cartoon super hero group with Ketchup and Mustard.
"Ketchup I'm bouncing on the couch!!!"
by N8 May 03, 2004
n. The glorious mustache that has led to Ronstache Day (October 30) -- a celebration of all that is good and just.
I had better start growing some hair on my upper lip to prepare for Ronstache Day, otherwise I will look like quite the fool.
by N8 April 15, 2004
Someone Of Elite Status That Has Stepped Down To Be The Guide And Protector Of All N00BS


1.N00Blor - Entity

2.An00bis - Right Hand Servant
(H4X At Most Things)

3.N00Blobytes - Noble/Lord Status
(Fairly Knowledgable Of Most WAREZ)

4.N00bians - Commoners/Serfs
(Uses Programs Like Kazaa To
Download Gamez)

5.N00b - Lowest Low
(Searches Internet "How To Download RAR Videos")
N00blor Is A Merciful God...He Helped Our Friend Matt Find Some Good
Bit-Torrent Links.
by N8 January 25, 2005
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