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the sexiest...hottest guy you will ever meet....he has an awsome personality and is good a makeing out .......yah n e ways hes just drop dead SEXY no need to say more
look at that manni
by kayla January 23, 2004
Female equivalent to a Gallis (someone who gets bare female attention)
That girl is a Mannis!
by rockerfelly93 November 25, 2010
If a guy: Someone who is super hot, and usually has a nice smile . If a girl: This is Very rare, And would mean that she is a one of a kind person, and has changing personalities, for her name is a boy name . She is Hot, and friendly once you know her .
Guy: Wow, Manni is so nice :)
Girl: Wow, Manni is so hot ;)
by Girl, i need a girl June 29, 2011
The ultimate game of tennis, involving up to four courts as the play area, no internal boundaries and the fence between courts acts as the net. Playing exemplifies such man skills and a test of such feats to continuous Mannis play. A variant may be played with four players over great distances. The manliest sporting alternative to tennis.
The manliest match of Mannis I've played in ages". "Those people are playing tennis, let's play Mannis". " I'm feeling rather refreshed after that game of Mannis".
by arby July 02, 2012
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