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A little fucking liar who tries to make friends by tricking people into hating each other, and makes people believe his/her story to make people hate another person(s)
Everyone else - "You fucking manipulator!"
by Ski - Ski December 26, 2005
185 37
one who consistently atempts to make personal gains at others expenses by means of manipulation
quit making me do all your work you manipulator
by Nathan December 08, 2002
126 28
Someone who acts in a secret or dishonest way especially for self-gain. Devious.
The manipulators kidnaped the American people and held them hostage.

"We need to invade Iraq because they've developed weapons of mass distruction! Don't worry! We'll save you!"
by trueblue6 November 29, 2011
35 11
A chick who manipulates men for free stuff.

She will often go out on dates with guys she doesn't like just because she is hungry. She will also sleep with guys for a fur coat, or will try and get loads of cash off of men she dates.

Basically, a hooker with all the pretext and none of the fun.
Ryan: Man, Kinsey's such a MAN-ipulator.
Ben: How much did you blow on her last night?
Ryan: Including that fur coat? Three hundred dollars!
Ben: *shits himself*
by fubsish September 23, 2009
17 2