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somthing what you would say if darth sidious was female.
Darth Sidious: Learn to know the power of the dark side, the power to save Padme.

Obiwan: You manipulative bitch!
by ist June 24, 2005
1. katie
2. anyone who is hot, but once you say 'i love you' to, they think they own your life, see also katie
karl: damn dude, youre her puppet
petey: yeah....shes a manipulative bitch
by derrrr June 17, 2004
every attractive female

that girl who just flirted with you for half an hour and scabbed three ciggarettes before getting a phone call from her 'boyfriend'...
lad1: oi did you tap that hottie?
lad2:nah man she was a manipulative bitch.
by DJ January 03, 2005
kim marx
holy shit! did you hear what kim did/said? she is such a manipulative bitch!
by james May 28, 2003