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a totally fierce, retro funk, mode, groovy rad human being; unique, probably one of the more interesting people you'll meet; a laughing machine, someone who smiles unconditionally
Wow, that girl is so manini, I want to be her friend!
by Fierce444 January 08, 2009
Pidgin (english-hawaiian slang) word meaning small; insignificant; minuscule; stingy.
(Pidgin example) No worries brah. Dat stay so manini.
(English) Dont worry about it. That is too small to worry about.
by stacey88s January 12, 2011
A penis, generally pertaining to an exceedingly small one
Manini has a small Manini
by bobbarker223 April 26, 2004
fuck you sneve
Sneve, manini!
by Anonymous April 27, 2003

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