How shit gets done.
If it wasn't for mania I would just lay around and sleep all day. Instead, without taking any speed or meth, I've cleaned my house, done my homework, walked the dog, detailed my car, and haven't slept in 6 days! I'm starting to hallucinate! Mania is teh bestest!
by BSanner November 29, 2010
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1.) Literally, a state of psychological and/or physiological hyperactivity, generally lasting a week or longer.

2.) In slang, an obsessive cluster of any particular subject. Not meant to be derogatory.

3.) A buzzword used in advertising, or customer service/relationships. Again, not meant to be derogatory.
1.) The bipolar boy was in a state of mania and couldn't sleep for five days straight.

2.) It's DDR mania at this convention!

3.) Our employees are to pratice customer mania.
by Nikkki November 23, 2004
The second word of lego.
Leeego maaaniaaaa! Lego mayneea.
by Diamond Dick April 23, 2004

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