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4 definitions by BSanner

How shit gets done.
If it wasn't for mania I would just lay around and sleep all day. Instead, without taking any speed or meth, I've cleaned my house, done my homework, walked the dog, detailed my car, and haven't slept in 6 days! I'm starting to hallucinate! Mania is teh bestest!
by BSanner November 29, 2010
Using a camera phone to take a picture of another picture and uploading it to your computer.
I just ghetto scanned my ID so I could email it to your mom to prove I'm over 18.
by BSanner October 06, 2010
(n.) A breakfast dish consisting of scrambled eggs, and anything you happen to have in your refrigerator that may or may not taste good mixed with scrambled eggs.
This morning I made Scrambled Egg Surprise by taking the fries and patties from the Big Mac meal I didn't finish last week, chopped up some onions, smothered it in sprinkle cheese and mustard, added some chopped up fried bologna, and salsa, then put it all on the Big Mac buns after popping them in the toaster. Breakfast of Champions!
by BSanner November 22, 2010
(n.) Foods prepared with a George Foreman grill. Especially when they should not be.
Dude! Two pieces of bread. Sliced apple. Kraft slices and peanut butter. Spread mayonnaise on the outside of the bread. Grill for 3 minutes. Best Foreman food ever!
by BSanner November 22, 2010