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A gay or homosexual man who acts like a fruit. Combination of the words tangerine (fruit), and man
Homosexuals and gays are mangerines.
by The F. Man September 08, 2009
noun: a term of endearment used to describe ones testicles especially when recalling an extremely painful episode.
"Whilst teabagging my friend Sam, I farted and she bit down on my mangerines. They were sore for 6 days. I can't wait to speedbag her."
by Rob squared May 24, 2008
Middle aged man, usually a salesman with an overall body tan resembling the skin colour of a tangerine.
"did you see jeff?" "he went to a tanning salon and left looking like a mangerine"
by cutter1978 August 14, 2008
testicle- rhymes with tangerine
He claimed he lost a ball to testicular cancer, but I've seen him naked- he has has two mangerines...
by She Who Must Be Obeyed May 23, 2008
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