I just want to point out that Manga is not Japanese comic books in general. It's a common misconception. Manga is actually the style in which the different kinds of comic books are made. For Example: It is actually just Shonen, not Shonen Manga. That would be saying that the artwork was meant for boys ages 12-18. It is only considered Shonen. Remember, Manga is only the art style used. I wouldn't be surprised if none of you knew this.
"And they say I'm not -The Omega Master. Now, I have make some comics with Briana's manga style artwork."-The Omega Master
by -The Omega Master February 26, 2005
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Noun. Either Spanish for mango, or a Japanese-style comic book. (Go to mango for more info on the first definition.) Manga is a Japanese-style comic book, (Like I said earlier.) Manga has grown lots of fans in Japan, U.S.A., Europe, and other countries. It has 2 basic styles, Shoujo and Shounen. Shoujo is the girly, romantic, comedy types, like Fruits Basket or Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama. Shounen is the action, violentish types, like Dragon Ball and Naruto. There are 2 ways to read it: Translated (The Japanese words are translated to your language) or Raw (No edits, the original Japanese thing). Manga is commonly black and white, sometimes with color pages. A manga story is divided into chapters. Every chapter comes out each week. A group of chapters in one book is a volume. Manga has evolved into anime, a animated version of the story. (See anime for more info about it)
by AmiSakura October 06, 2013
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A Japan-based style of art, often used in comics or cartoons.
The cartoons of this variety are often called Animé.
Manga drawings are often recognized by rather large eyes, small noses, and spiky-looking hairdo's.
A combination of above with any of the characteristics left out is not out of the question, however; there are also Manga characters that do <i>not</i> have eyes that take up half a person's skull.
by Ruben 'H Hog' van Ophuizen March 24, 2003
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Manga is the japanese word which, more or less, refers to any illustrated story, but now is directed more or less towards comics only.

The real version of manga can be used to refer to moving pictures as well.
Battle Angel Allita (Gunm) is a great manga series.
by Kiwi Lord July 01, 2003
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Manga or "to do a Mange" is a word that can describe a comic situation which usually, but not exclusively can happen during the influence of alcohol and/or drugs etc.

For a classic Mange situation we need to go back to the roots, to a dark and chilly night in Stockholm, Sweden 2016.
Step 1: Get so drunk that you forget what the time is and miss your train home.
Step 2: Convince a colleague/friend that you can crash at their place.
Step 3: The friend sends an SMS with the address, code for the gate, floor number and promise to leave the front door open and put a blanket on the sofa.
Step 4: Go to the above mentioned address and pass out on the sofa.
Step 5: Wake up in the morning and pat the head of the little girl who is standing next to you and wondering who you are.

Step 6: Quickly think that your friend is a great guy who is babysitting a child so early in the morning then go back to sleep.
Step 7: Wake-up by a massive dude standing above you in his underwear wondering who the F**K you are and why you are in his sofa.
Step 8: Sober up, fast!
Step 9: Quickly realise that you by accident have walked into a strangers apartment. Same floor, same Surname on the door, unlocked door, same address but different gate, for which the code worked for.
Step 10: Get the hell out of dodge without sustaining any injuries or before the police arrive on the scene.
Step 11: Become a legend at work the day after having done a Mange / Manga / To do a Mange
by Dan the Douche February 23, 2017
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Books and comic publications from Japan. Most manga are made into anime and vice versa. Usually reads right to left. Sold in the USA as graphic novels.
The anime version of the manga, "Real Bout High School" was an utter disgrace.
by nikkan_hanil December 15, 2003
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by Brian Tan June 19, 2004
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