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A term used to describe a male who looks as if he is anorexic. Usually used on Myspace, this word is an insult to skinny emo dudes who wear their girlfriends pants.
'Lyke OmGzZ. Mikey Way is sooo manerexic.'
#emo #skinny #tight #anorexic #small
by ElectrikkJesskka June 16, 2006
An extreme state of dieting seen in middle-aged men trying to look young and sexy again.
Karen: Have you seen Tom lately?

Sarah: Yes, he's soo manerexic! He scooped the innards out of a bagel and ate the shell only!
#anerexia #male vanity #extreme dieting #cyclist #middle-aged.
by superbubba. April 13, 2010
A man who never eats food but is always hungry for pussy.
My boyfriend, Bob, eats food only once a day...but tries to eat my pussy every hour....he must be a manerexic.
#pussy #manerexia #eating #boyfriends #bodies
by Minijew July 20, 2011
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