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dead skin, concealed beneath facial hair, that flakes away when you play with it, leaving a trail of snow down the front of your shirt. very similar to the concept of dandruff, but mostly only applicable to men.
dude, you've got mandruff. shampoo your face.
by cunning stunts September 29, 2009
0 2
tiny bits of tissue that remain on an a man's facial stubble after blowing his nose.
James' mandruff, after he returned from the mirrorless bathroom, caused a minor a distraction at the dinner table.
by Richard Masuko May 12, 2006
17 2
When you blast a bead of Elmer all over your girls hair just before you go out. She thinks she rinsed it all out of her hair, but you notice at the dinner table that she left some, and it is drying up, flaking off and landing on her blouse & Lobster Bisque.
I like to drink beer, and bang broads. Life in the fast lane baby.
by Big Nation April 11, 2003
11 9
similar to dandruff, it is dry flakes falling from a man's balls.
Petey tried to use Head & Shoulders on his nuts, but he still had mandruff accumulating in his tighty whiteys.
by Bobby Hopkins March 24, 2006
8 7
Dandruff inconveniently located on the head of an older man.
"Should I give that homeless guy some money?"

"No way, he has mandruff."
by M4RC0 D April 13, 2010
0 2
used to describe bitter hook fingered grey haired old men
look at john he is such a mandruff
by D Chich June 12, 2008
3 6
One day, some stoned happy chappy was thinking of things that rhymed with dandruff, and by some happy coincidence, along came a man inflicted with the 'druff, to which stoned happy chappy cried, 'Mandruff!'
And so it was. Do you see?
Hairdresser: ah jeez, your head is mandruff central, dude. You ever thought about modelling for christmas cards?
Dude: Oh christ no!
by Nat October 23, 2004
2 10