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The hairy midriff of a man whos shirt is too short.
"Dude, put your arms down, you have mandriff. I think i'm gonna puke!"
by Naynae May 09, 2007
When a man busts a huge load into a woman's hair after receiving oral sex, and not telling her about it. After it dries in her hair and scratches it, it flakes off, causing "man-driff."
Caiti had some terrible man-driff after prom with Chritian, Saturday night.
by marvo1212 April 15, 2010
when a guy intentionally or unintentionally shows his mid-section/stomach
Dude check it out that guys shirt so tight every time he reaches for something he keeps showing his mandriff.
by Panama_RR August 18, 2010
The act of ejaculating into a woman's hair when she is sleeping and not telling her until the morning when she wakes up and the semen has dried and is beginning to flake.
Debbie was the first to fall asleep so she will definitely have mandriff in the morning.
by Rufus3 June 04, 2010
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