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A Man OR Woman's comprehension of an idea, topic, concept, emotion, object, thought, opinion or any other abstraction, generally from the MALE viewpoint.

The ability to sympathize with and/or accept another person's perspective without truly understanding it.

The term Manderstand was developed over a conversation about men and women being able to truly communicate and understand each other... the best we are able to anyway.
A man can Manderstand why a woman asks if she looks fat in those jeans... but cannot truly understand the emotional implications of the question.

I manderstand how much you like beer and football, even though I'm not into it.

I completely manderstand why you want me to go to Walmart at 3am for chocolate ice cream and wine coolers.

I manderstand that you are feeling insecure, but I do not understand why or how, because you are so beautiful.

I manderstand the fight you had with your best friend even though I think it's silly.
#male #female #understanding #empathy #sympathy #men #women #woman #man #accaptance
by BardESS Amethyst October 31, 2013
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