An online male dating service.
I met a gay cowboy on mandango.

Sometimes you have to use the mandango to do the mattressdango.
by Robert S May 02, 2006
Top Definition
A huge black dick!
My mandango can't stay in my pants.
by Jamal April 17, 2004
A large, muscular, african looking black man with a great deal of sexual and physical prowess.
Ben Wallace from the Detroit Pistons is a Mandango Man.
by Mikeal June 09, 2005
A place where some people go after they die. A floating island in the sky, where there is no jealousy or boredom and everyone is engaged in wine drinking and steaming hot sex.
I'll have what the other guy is having.
by yev June 06, 2003
Slang term for a man's genitals
Flag football: "Don't put your flags in front of your mandangos!"
by DaMoney August 10, 2009
refers to a fu-man-chu style stache found specifically on the 80's retro guy wearing a faded black t-shirt and bleach stained pants while riding his wicked scooter, complete with radio, down Main Street, USA in the middle of nowhere
I hope that guy remebers to put his helment visor down while riding his scooter so he doesn't get bugs caught in his wicked mandango!
by womantoblame May 19, 2011
The award given to the player who wins at least 3 out of 5 races in a Mario Kart championship.

Winning all races results in Maximum Mandangoes
5-nil baby! Maximum Mandangoes! In your face losers!
by stowball February 10, 2010
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