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A reducing number of men in an area/school/community.
Carol: I need a date to the prom
Jessica: Good luck, we're in such a mancession.
by michaliann October 01, 2009
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Term used by economists to reflect that for the first time in economic history, the male unemployment rate has surpassed the female unemployment rate. In the last year (2008-09) 82 percent of pink slips have been handed to male workers.
Denise: "What's the deal with all of the stay-at-home dads on your block?"

Bev: "It's not by choice, they are all victims of the mancession."
by windowofopportunity June 22, 2009
19 3
A period of temporary or extended romantic decline during which dating, relationships and intimate encounters are reduced or completely absent from a woman's life, generally identified by a lack of qualified men in close geographic proximity in two successive quarters
Men were plentiful in undergrad; however, when I've been in the midst of a mancession since graduation.
by aj2fab January 10, 2012
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