Pancakes cooked in a large skillet (12" or more) that are so big, that only a big man can finish them. (depending on the size) (This is the food we're talking about here...)
Husband: There's nothing good to eat here anymore...
Wife: I could fix you a plate of 3 mancakes stacked high with fresh strawberries, whipped topping, and some Mrs. Butterworth syrup.
Husband: Heck yeah! I'll get the 12" skillet that I used to kill my annoying co-worker with last Tuesday!
by Tbear April 13, 2012
A pancake of gigantic proportions. It can only be consumed by a TRUE man.
"Here, want a pancake?"
"Do I look like I have a vagina? Make me a mancake!"
by Slander89 March 02, 2010
the muscles that bulge out on a man's stomach
i worked out so much today my man cakes are turning into a six pack
by WAGGY12 October 20, 2009
A mans unit or also otherwise known as his "junk"
"if you dont like it then you can suck my man cake"
by nowayofdeath October 01, 2011
The ass of your best drinking bud pressed against yer morning wood. His butt is covered in boy butter from last nights foamance. The only thing missing is syrup.
ie. Little Dwizzle added his sweet syrup to Josh's mancakes and then decided it was time to flip his own mancakes when Josh finally woke up.
by Sterling Arch March 09, 2011
When a dude is sporting camel toe
Those pants Joe has on are so tight that he's got a man cake.
by Deanna22 January 27, 2008
A pancake at Denny's, IHOP, or any other breakfast chain, that a minimum-wage, unhappy, employee has defiled with his semen.
"Dude I went to Denny's with my mates the other morning and I think they served me mancakes."

"It's great working at IHOP because I get to serve these douchebags mancakes without them even knowing it."
by TheLongestVeiniestClitoris October 18, 2011

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