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The manble is a complete list of rules to live you life by when it comes to woman

The complete guide for the man’s man

Rule 1: Never say you’re sorry unless there is something in it for you preferably sex.

Rule 2: when picking a mate be careful what you ask for. I am firm believer in the boob belly theories and if you have not heard of it go’s like this. A women’s breast size is directly connected to the future size of her belly in short a big breasted women has a 87.5% of having a big belly.

Rule 3: Always keep at least 51% of the power.

Rule 4: Never successfully complete a household chore unless you are planning doing it for the rest of your life.

Rule 5: Try not to interact with your mates girlfriends they are only looking for flaws to be used against you when you least expect it.

Rule 6: Men shall not cook if there is a woman on the premises unless it is outdoors and there is a cooler of beer close by or you just returned home after a long nite of drinking or there is chili involved.

Rule 7: Maintain a list of your success and your mate’s failures to be used in case you are losing an argument. (caution use carefully)

Rule 8: Rain checks - never hold on to a sex rain check for more then 48 hours because

They lose value quickly

Rule 9: If your mate doesn’t work the relationship won’t work ether.

Rule 10: When living with a women that you are not sure is the one always maintain a separate mailing address to avoid the common law status
by Lord Master Jay September 01, 2012
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