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A promise that an unaccepted offer will be renewed in the future.

This term comes from baseball, where in the 1880s it became the practice to offer paying spectators a rain check entitling them to future admission for a game that was postponed or ended early owing to bad weather. By the early 1900s the term was transferred to tickets for other kinds of entertainment, and later to a coupon entitling a customer to buy, at a later date and at the same price, a sale item temporarily out of stock.
I can't come to dinner Tuesday but hope you'll give me a rain check.
by mat64 April 26, 2006
To make a arrangment to do a said activity at another time.

First used when baseball games were rained out and fans were issued vouchers that allowed them to return and watch another game.
Bob was too busy trying to get laid, so he had to take a raincheck on our Halo 2 session.
by Flession February 05, 2005
A term that makes a cancellation seem less offensive.
I'm going to take a rain check on studying today; I have other things to tend to.
by SP128 November 06, 2007
when someone is unable of pursuing prior plans do to an unexpected obstacle such as time consuming problems or an emergency.
Nick had to rain check his plans with Mitchel because his wife had got in a car wreck.
by a_michelle November 06, 2007
A person who has very skinny wrists and who questions his/her gender. Rain Checks are ballers despite their small wrist size, and also often look up ways to body build to hide their mini-wrists.
Rain Check's wrists are so small that even Captain Li Shang from Mulan couldn't make a man out of him.

Look at that mini-wristed baller in the International League of American Superheros having a bromance! He must be a Rain Check!
by dozahh February 03, 2009
To drench ones hot sweaty body in red kool aid and then to shove multiple dildos up ones ass hole.
George got mad at Judy because she used blue kool aid when giving him a rain check.
by Willis B. Hemmington September 01, 2007
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