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An extended period of time where a straight woman or a gay man purposely refrains from dating and/or having sex with men; literally, a man sabbatical.
Every guy I date seems to be a loser. It's time for me to go on manbatical.
by Bryan A. April 02, 2007
An extended version of the ever-popular Mancation, in which the individual, typically a male, engages in a prolonged respite from his daily duties and relationships. Manbaticals typically follow life-changing events including divorces, break-ups, or major job changes. The average Manbatical lasts 6-8 weeks but in extreme cases have been known to go on for years.
Did you hear about Steve? Right after he and Karlie broke up, he went to Cabo for Mancation with his brahs and ended up on an 8 month Manbatical! Dude came back with a sick tan, one nut, and a scathing case of the Herp, but he's real relaxed now and totally over Karlie. Just goes to show....
by Zach Olsen September 04, 2007
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