A career for losers. Of course I'm talking about store, restaraunt, fast food, and possibly hotel managers. They're the types of people who sit in the back room, smoke cigarettes, and chat all while doing minimal to no work. They then act like their jobs are hard. They get paid to yell at everyone and treat people beneath their position like they're nothing. They also get paid double to triple what everyone else makes for acting like trailer trash basically. Some of them have college degrees while others just got to where they were by kissing up. They are some of the lowest lives on earth, and they are lower than those who they employed. There are some good people with those jobs, but for the most part they're losers. They think they are business men and women, but they are sorely mistaken. Keep in mind that while they don't live in poverty they are not rich either, and most of them have bugs up their asses because they'll be at those lame jobs their whole lives. People beneath their position with heads on their shoulders will end up with better careers than any manager in the long run. Serves them right.
Retail Worker: I'm starting my part time college job tomorrow. I wonder who my dirtbag manager is. Maybe this boss will be one of the rare nice ones who won't be there forever. Who knows?
by TheSmartBigShot December 22, 2009
Slang term for a woman among a group of single women at an enetertainment venue, whose self-appointed task is to prevent single males or groups of males from approaching any of the members of "her" group.

While not always physically unattractive, the manager of a group will always have an unattractive attitude towards socail interaction with men, possibly due to a traumatic experience herself. Astoundingly, few if any are lesbians despite male belief; Many are in fact as despairingly lonely and in need of male companionship as any other single woman if not more so on average. They are in fact reacting in a manner as close to aggresive as their upbringing will allow.
" There was a bunch of real lookers in the club last night, but their manager kept getting in my way when I went over to ask them to dance "
by D F Stuckey March 16, 2004
A person who appears to know how all tasks should be accomplished but can't actually do any of those tasks themselves.
A manager will tell you exactly how something should be done, even though he or she has never done it themselves.
by mitchell986 November 17, 2011
A "member" of a sports team who is to untalented to be an actual part of any team. The manager is often so weak that a small gust of wind knocks him or her over. Female managers are often sluts who have no future however, they give great blow jobs.
Dude 1- "Dude look at that manager." Dude 2-"I know she is such a nerd but she's a real slut."
by The Antichrist of Your Ass May 30, 2015
Someone who's studied management. A manager must know everything about everything. A manager must know and have studied economics, accounting, mathematics, marketing, law, etc. A synonym would be GENIUS
Guy 1: My manager's a punk !

Guy 2: That's maybe because he's more educated and richer ?

Guy 1: Why should that be a reason !

Guy 2: Uh... I think it's called jealousy ?

Guy 1: Oh ... yeah but... yeah....
by SzEfil02 December 03, 2008

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