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A super i-talian way to express anger or stupidity.
Son: Ma! Get me some'a pizza!
Mother: Manage! Get'a your own'a pizza Luigi!
Son: Fuggehdaboutit!
by Kevinisdumb April 21, 2008
anything someone does with a partner that is sex related
dude, i totally managed this chick last night!
by bay-bee October 04, 2007
cleavage on a man
wow dude your manage is hot!
by Dan-manage December 29, 2008
man, boy, feen, fiend
to be used when addressing a fellow.
aw manage, thats marvellous news outta you there like!
by julio madras tenoch del toro August 24, 2007
To beat up and rule over them usually in street fights, or use better insults.
"man i totally managed that guy"
by beat boy May 03, 2004