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A man who has a hairy chest and patches with just bare skin.
The guy from 40 Year Old Virgin when he was getting his chest waxed and didnt finish it; he looked like a man-o-lantern!
by Laynie November 05, 2006
A Newly founded super group first founded in Mt.Pleasant but quickly moved throughout parts of Michigan. Known for there crazy drinking habits, Black Jack-o-lantern t-shirts and being down to be down.
These Man-O-Lanterns are crazy cool.
by King11 December 25, 2008
A word Rocky made up because he was bored. Manolantern means a person who is Rockys friend that Rocky lets into his group called "The Manolanterns"
Rocky: Dan guess what?
Dan; What?
Rocky: You are now officially a manolantern just like me!!
Dan: Yes what i always wanted!
by rocky6515 February 15, 2009