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The chest hair of a man; often thick and dark.
Some ladies viewed Tony's man salad as an Italian delicacy.
by Kizzle99 February 25, 2009
A tasty dish of testosterone-induced items, often including nails, broken glass, scorpions, and razor blades. Special seasonings include hydrochloric acid, wolf blood, and beer.
When I get home from the construction site, I always prepare myself a light snack; a man-salad.

Hey man, watcha ordering? Double Tripler Burger-master?
Naah man, I'm being healthy and having a man-salad!
by Polursine October 03, 2010
1. A male person who contains definite traits of a man, or holds a large bulk object in his pants. Most masculine Adjective possible to be used while complimenting fellow friends who are males!
2. A well respected male containing great honor or dignity through certain actions.
"Paul...your my mansalad..."
by Casiriah Kenjo May 23, 2007
multiple types of dipping tobacco mixed together into one super dip
Person 1: hey dude what kinds of dip is in that man salad?

Person 2: i got some skoal cherry,citrus, grizzly wg, mint, and some copenhagen straight.
by x_Big_Dipper_x October 03, 2011
A salad fit for a man, usually containing large amounts of meat
This man salad has my three favorite meats: Pepperoni, Sausage, and Ham.
by Backwoodz January 31, 2007
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