A man who has lost touch with his testosterone who indulges in actions deemed inappropriate for men, but acceptable for the opposite sex.
Look at that manhoe sticking his tongue out in pictures! Disgusting! hoe manho gay manslut
by P-BAD February 22, 2010
Someone who dumps a girl because they can...
Kaplan is a man-hoe...
by Little.Miss.Bitch April 23, 2010
An improper spelling for the term of a man who is generally pretty slutty/pimpin', whichever you prefer. "Man hoe" is actually the term for a particularly masculine gardening instrument.
"Hey, can I borrow your man hoe?"
"Yeah, it's in the shed."

"He's a man hoe!"
"You mean a man ho?"
"How do you know which I meant?"
"We're texting."
"Oh, yeah."
by Scyze December 26, 2009
wow that dick is a brandon or man hoe
by haleeee September 12, 2008
a man who sells his talalala for money...
"et off my wife yu man hoe"
by jawanna June 18, 2008
Michael San Miguel; Dumbass that goes for
titties&bo0tayy; Someone who says "I Guess" to
everything; Does the "lip thing" in pics; Claims he
rich--NOT!! WHUT A BiTCH; "can't forget the past"; you
hate him--but you love him; "N.V.A.";
Look at that man hoe fight!
That man hoe can't fight for shit!
"I guess" , said the man hoe
by miike imaHATERS February 25, 2005
Nasty looking girlfriend that is constantly mistaken for a nasty looking man.

A girl who is so beat that the only way she is able to get dick is to buy a guy sports related shit and make false promises.
Pearl can’t go out tonight, that man hoe of his bought him tickets to the rangers game.

Did you hear about Josh’s man hoe? She got hired to by the FBI to scare sexual predators straight.
by JMartinez April 07, 2006

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