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I got man batter all over this one girl's face in my latest bukakke movie "take it in the face, bitch."
by Duke January 22, 2003
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I once added man batter to my girlfriends cookies... I hope she enjoyed them.
by Negativeion July 01, 2003
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Manbatter is a word used in the song with the same name by the Variety Picnic. It's a term for semen or ejaculation.
I'm gonna hit you with that manbatter. Gonna put it where it really matters.
by ManbatteredWoman June 08, 2010
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1.the batter, or nut that comes out of a guy.
2.That shit that you should not swallow
no matter how good they say it taste.
3.white, creamy substance that burns when it gets into your eye....nut to be exact.
BOY:"Lets cook with my man batter!"
GIRL:"I don't think that is safe."
GIRL:Man batter is in my eye......and it FUCKIN' BURNS!!!"
by Jotaku December 21, 2004
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(noun) An alternative word for SEMEN.
After quickly retracting my throbbing member from her mouth, I gave her a taste of some of my homemade manbatter.
by Volkenkratzer March 06, 2009
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