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semen, come, man juice
I got man batter all over this one girl's face in my latest bukakke movie "take it in the face, bitch."
by Duke January 22, 2003
joy juice, facial cream, man milk, letche
I once added man batter to my girlfriends cookies... I hope she enjoyed them.
by Negativeion July 01, 2003
Manbatter is a word used in the song with the same name by the Variety Picnic. It's a term for semen or ejaculation.
I'm gonna hit you with that manbatter. Gonna put it where it really matters.
by ManbatteredWoman June 08, 2010
(noun) An alternative word for SEMEN.
After quickly retracting my throbbing member from her mouth, I gave her a taste of some of my homemade manbatter.
by Volkenkratzer March 06, 2009
1.the batter, or nut that comes out of a guy.
2.That shit that you should not swallow
no matter how good they say it taste.
3.white, creamy substance that burns when it gets into your eye....nut to be exact.
BOY:"Lets cook with my man batter!"
GIRL:"I don't think that is safe."
GIRL:Man batter is in my eye......and it FUCKIN' BURNS!!!"
by Jotaku December 21, 2004
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