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A thing or place that smells like a man's ass
That locker room smells like man ass.
by Mrs. WAG January 20, 2008
a man who is a GREAT piece of ass. Also, a man who has a backside that could melt butter from across the room.
"He is a great piece of man ass." or "This place is filled with great specimens of man ass." or "look at his man ass."
by C-Gizzle October 25, 2007
The extremely ripe scent of sweat & bum juices, located between the crack of someones ass.
"Wow, I've got some major man ass going on."
by Tudie December 04, 2005
A term used ot describe a homosexual's dire love for the male backside.
"Hey, some faggot scribbled 'MANASS' in the port-a-shitter. He must be looking for some butt sex."
by Frank Hotdog November 11, 2006
Occurs when you sit on a pubic or office toilet that is gender specific for men and the toilet seat is warm, hot or sticky from the man that just left.
Normally an unused office toilet is cold to the touch but a man ass toilet seat is warm, hot, or sticky.
by ecabrera1 September 11, 2008
Any ass that appears to be that of the human male. Mostly used as a term for a female having a narrow, squarish, semi-flat buttocks.
Lindsay Davenport, apart from being an incurable swamp donkey, has a most egregious case of manass.
by pdad September 12, 2005
Combonation of words used when watching a movie with female nudity, but end up seeing unexpected male butt.
1. "Ohh my god! I did NOT need to see that man ass!"

2. "Wow! dats a lotta man ass!"

3. "Dude, Man ass is sooo gay."
by thedoodler August 17, 2003
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