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The pubic hair of a male
Shawn cringed in pain when his underwear pulled out a tangled strand of his man cabbage.

Joe: Dude, i had a nightmare that this crazy chick waxed off my man cabbage.
Ted: Ouch man, ouch.
by Jiggukman April 06, 2005
a) a man whos had a labotomy
b) a real lazy fat bloke with a round hair cut
c) the best funky thrash band in the world
man cabbage rule man!!
yeah it was wierd he had a lobotomy and hes a proper man cabbage now
by Man cabbage July 14, 2003
a large, often bluborous individual, with resemblance to a cabbage
the dude is a man cabbage
by Frank The Baptist February 17, 2005