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An inbred dumbass that likes to poke his mother.

A moron of the highest order; someone of low intellect and devoid of common sense
by Jason August 14, 2003
Someone who is being forcefully manipulated in their asshole while yelling for there mammy "mommy" hence the term mammy rammer.
Mike: Hey Josh! What are doin.
Josh: Ah nothin just sittin here hangin out.
Mike: Hey did you hear what happened to Paul last night?!
Josh: No, whats up!?
Mike: I was walkin by this dark alley last night and I saw Paul bent over a dumpster handcuffed with a big black guy sticking a dildo up Paul's ass and Paul was screaming for his mommy.
Josh: What?!Man did he get the Mammy Rammer!
Mike: Yeah what a pussy!
by Team CnC September 26, 2007
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