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The male version of a women's camel toe. A guy is wearing such tight pants that you can see each of his nuts.
Did you see Rick in those tight pants? He had some serious mammal toe going on!
by Weiner Dog June 15, 2004
The unfortunate circumstance in which a man is wearing pants so tight that his testicles form the male version of camel toes.
Look at the mammal toe on Burt. The dumb ass must have put on his sister's pants.
by Doug Collins April 28, 2008
is the male equivalent of a cameltoe or camel toe. this occurs when a mans pants are so tight that his genetalia is either bisected as with nut cutters, or it can be clearly observed which side he dresses to.
"eww, that guy has total mammaltoe"
by m.b. perez February 13, 2007
Similar to a cameltoe, only for men. It's not so much a wedgie as it is your underwear riding up while the front of your pants ride down, but it's still insanely annoying.
Guy: I hate these freaking pants! Everytime I wear them I end up fixing my mammaltoe the entire rest of the night
by Tiger02 January 19, 2009
the male version of the camel-toe. Also known as a man-gina The fat between a man's legs making it look kind of like a woman's fat vag.
That man has a mammal-toe! Look at that v!!!!!!!!
by manginalover!!!! March 03, 2011
the male version of a cameltoe
Oh snap, I threw up in my mouth....did you see that dudes mammaltoe?
by freeballinprincess April 17, 2011
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