A Country where almost all the commercial market are owned by chinese-malaysians.

A Country where Chinese-malaysians ignore the fucking crap of malays who are the first inhabitants and the ones who protects the country from invasion of japanese, yet chinese still fight saying malay universities are crap and selfish but hey have they looked in the mirror lately? i don't think so.

A country where indian-malaysians are a neutral friendly ethnic group. So are malays and some chinese-malays.

A country where chinese-malays think the're so rich and great but never spare any coins to malays and other poor being.

A country where big chinese-malay womens with huge funbags do nothing but ignore malays and criticise.

A Country where chinese-malays never lend a helping hand or create a fun raSING ACTIVITY that includes malays or indians.

A Country where Chinese-malays say this is their land but the're the ones who don't risk their lives to protect it but condemn it saying malays are worstless, lazy etc.

If you were in my shoes you would understand.
"hey look there's 50 rows of chinese shops and a selfish chinese who cares for himself but still says that malays should be equal!"

"fuck you chinese you should be thankful malaysia is not a racist contry like u.s.a was. And fucking chinese- malaysians and singaporean-malaysians are still ignorant and selfish to malays.!"
by why are chinese so hypocrites January 16, 2008

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