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Something that you are laughing at that you shouldn't.
Joe fell over and broke his leg, it was malarious
by MegaScriber March 09, 2012
(Ma-lar-i|ous) Derived from the words "malaria" and "hilarious" < Something Grim yet hilariously funny; pertaining to a bizzaro, madcap humor (Looney Tunes) but also something Grim or Evil (Grim & Evil). Mostly used in a positive fashion.
Invader Zim was unfortunately cancelled, despite the fact that it was outrageously malarious.
by Matthew Ebisu April 28, 2007
A comical, often hilarious situation which involves malaria, or symptoms similar to malaria.
Bill:Dude did you hear the bad news?
Dave:What Happened?
Bill:John got malaria.
Dave:That's Malarious!
by sputnikk March 18, 2007
A form of the adjective 'hilarious'.

To be used when someone you dislike catches a serious, lifethreatening disease.
Guy 1 - I heard on the news that that Cheryl Cole bitch is seriously ill
Guy 2 - Damn Straight. That hoe is Malarious!!
by malarious November 14, 2010
To die laughing
That comedy was malarious
by Paul November 04, 2003
A joke or sarcastic comment that is so unfunny its like a disease.
(sarcastic laugh) That comment was malarious, I can hardly contain myself.
by mcat1600 March 24, 2009
As funny as malaria or even funnier.
Dude Family Guys is Malarious!
by bobthebutilderrrrrr January 15, 2008