A joke or sarcastic comment that is so unfunny its like a disease.
(sarcastic laugh) That comment was malarious, I can hardly contain myself.
by mcat1600 March 24, 2009
Top Definition
(Ma-lar-i|ous) Derived from the words "malaria" and "hilarious" < Something Grim yet hilariously funny; pertaining to a bizzaro, madcap humor (Looney Tunes) but also something Grim or Evil (Grim & Evil). Mostly used in a positive fashion.
Invader Zim was unfortunately cancelled, despite the fact that it was outrageously malarious.
by Matthew Ebisu April 28, 2007
A comical, often hilarious situation which involves malaria, or symptoms similar to malaria.
Bill:Dude did you hear the bad news?
Dave:What Happened?
Bill:John got malaria.
Dave:That's Malarious!
by sputnikk March 18, 2007
Something that you are laughing at that you shouldn't.
Joe fell over and broke his leg, it was malarious
by MegaScriber March 09, 2012
A form of the adjective 'hilarious'.

To be used when someone you dislike catches a serious, lifethreatening disease.
Guy 1 - I heard on the news that that Cheryl Cole bitch is seriously ill
Guy 2 - Damn Straight. That hoe is Malarious!!
by malarious November 14, 2010
To die laughing
That comedy was malarious
by Paul November 04, 2003
As funny as malaria or even funnier.
Dude Family Guys is Malarious!
by bobthebutilderrrrrr January 15, 2008
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