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m a k o a♥

he is tall, strong&handsome.

athletic&&can always make you laugh.
he is a streetfighter, smokes weed&parties hard.
he is protective over his girl, and makes sure NO one touches her.
he loves people for who they are on the inside.
and his hugs? are a m a z i n g.
he is everything a girl would ever want, ever need; they melt at his touch.
he is rugged, tough, badass, but the sweetest boy ever; one that will hug you, love you, bring you flowers, make you laugh.
he is . . . beyond words.
make sure when you come across him, you hang on tight&&dont let go.
because he will be there for you, and help you through it all.
he is, so to speak, the shit.
treat him good(:
O1.aww look at that boy and that girl.she looks so happy, he looks like she's the only girl in the world, and they look so in love.he must be a makoa.

O2.friend#1: yeah, that boy is so funny. he came up and started hanging out with me at the beach yesterday. he's really funny,sweet, and really fun. *smiles* he told me i was . . . beautiful. and he meant it, i could tell.
friend#2:makoa.nuff sedd.

O3:"whoa, did you see that tall guy with black hair just beat the shit out of that blonde guy?" "yeah, i wonder what happened?" "oh, the blonde dude smacked that girl he was with's ass" "no shit! are they going out or something?" "yeah. i wonder what his name is?" "its makoa"

O4.i wonder what that kid's doing, he's always here rolling a joint during school.
duuuhh, he's a makoa.
by -NORth$hOREGiRl April 14, 2010
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