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When a cat "kneads" their paws on something, such as a blanket or your lap.
Aww Fluffy's so cute! She's making muffins on my pillow!
by peachpeach March 26, 2009
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Unless you are a super cool nija warrior, only kitties have the ability to make muffins. Making muffins is when a kitty grabs on to something and starts sqeezing both hands one after the other therefore creating the perfect muffin on your bed or maybe your bare skin. When kitties make muffins, it does not hurt because you are so overjoyed that they would share such a talent on you. ooo hot;)
Did you just see that?! Gooch was just making muffins!
by Jennoza July 09, 2010
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The act of having sex with a cat, than naming all of the hideous half human-half cat offspring Muffin.
<matt> What did you do this weekend Jake?
<jake> i wuz makin muffins!
<matt> ahhh yeah.
by Mc Matt December 03, 2004
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