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I swear every 4runner is driven by a hot guy. Check it out next time, up this if you agree.
Dylan drives a 4runner
by Jennoza July 09, 2010
Unless you are a super cool nija warrior, only kitties have the ability to make muffins. Making muffins is when a kitty grabs on to something and starts sqeezing both hands one after the other therefore creating the perfect muffin on your bed or maybe your bare skin. When kitties make muffins, it does not hurt because you are so overjoyed that they would share such a talent on you. ooo hot;)
Did you just see that?! Gooch was just making muffins!
by Jennoza July 09, 2010
To overtell a joke when everyone else around you has stopped laughing about it. Usually results in everyone starring at you while you keep laughing at yourself. After you "pull a brandi" you must proceed by pulling 1 to 2 (depending on how bad the brandi was) fake guns made out of your hands from your pocket and shoot the air. Doing this will make the awkwardness go away. Now everyone can point and laugh...
person overtelling the joke: HAHAHA and then...!
friends: yeah, stop, you just pulled a brandi... that was way too far.

by Jennoza July 06, 2010
First of all, llamas are the most superior intelectuals known to man. They rain 2nd (after kitties) in superiority. Llamas love all human beings and are happy to always call a cab for you when you are drunk. Never poke a llama because they are too busy looking at their vaginas with a handmirror. Llamas also knit the best scarfs.
I'm going to send a text to Jenno saying "Poke Llamas" and I'm not even high!
by Jennoza July 09, 2010
A nickname given to a boy who is in love with feet. He likes to spend all of block period in econ/gov staring down at the ground. He will only look up once a morning to offer his "pretty queen" a piece of gum. This boy never gives up. He will stop at nothing to add a girl with nice feet on facebook. If the girl has denied his friend request 5 times, he will begin to message her another 7 times pleading for them to accept his request. Oh he also likes to sing in the choir and will take every opportunity to display his god-given talent.
OMG Footfedish tried to add me on facebook AGAIN!
by Jennoza July 09, 2010
Clam chouder rhymes with hot shower, which rhymes with white power, therefore this word is already cool. This substance can be often confused with jizz. Do not be fooled, jizz is another word for raspberry lemonade. Although, you may use clam chouder as a substitute only in an emergency when the women won't cum inside a black person.
I love clam chouder on Sundays! It's the best time to eat it because the weather is always warm and the jews are all dead.
by Jennoza July 09, 2010
A name given to your lesbian best friend. Everyone thinks that because you guys are married that you are lesbian. Who would have thought? But a wifey is straight and loves a heaven. A wifey thinks the same things as you and vertually has the same brain. Except one wifey cheats off of the other in STATS and almost gets caught. Wifeys have the ultimate bond made of cookies and rainbows. (Love is the secret ingredient.)
Wifey NO!
by Jennoza July 09, 2010

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