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The aftermath of a man's orgasm will "make a mess" if it is not contained by a condom, a mouth, a vagina, or an anus. In other words, it is allowed to spray and land either on the man or on his partner or partners or on the sheets or the floor or anywhere else.
My girlfriend never wants me to make a mess, even when I am masterbating around her. When I masterbate, I have to call her over when I am ready and she has me cum in her mouth after which she swallows so I don't make a mess.
by BRD October 24, 2004
to take a shit
Man, I just made a mess in the bathroom. Careful.
by Rdizzy September 24, 2003
co-mingling of body fluids, wet spot, etc
lets' make a mess!
by michael foolsley November 19, 2009
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