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McDonalds - as pronounced by people reading McDonalds spelled out with Arabic letters... it's hilarious, cuz if you go to Egypt you'll hear them saying McDonald's like this.
On a street in Cairo: trying to hail a cab.

Joe: Taxi! TAx!
Taxi guy: Yez how are you friend?
Joe: I'm fine.. Hey McDonald's please?
TAxi Guy: Eh? McDos? Say again baleez?
Joe: MickDonalds..
Taxi Guy: What? I'm sorry, can you baleez rayet here baber? *handing guy a pen
Joe rights it down - "see?"
Taxi Guy: "OOOooooh makdoonaldis - I am a very sorry, I'm sorry yez yez yez I know this one. OK, lezz go."
by Adel7 December 06, 2007
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