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A very awesome person who is fun to be around and can light your whole day up. She is an amazing friend, and is very smart. Any one who is mean to her must not have a heart. She loves animals, all kinds. She is very scared of spiders though, such a shame. She is a rare species, also known as a Makalian.

rare awesome fun friendly cute
Wow, did you hear about makayla nursing a pig back to health yesterday?
by SUperchikk3345 May 25, 2011
A girl that is extremely fine!!! She has gorgeous hair and is smart as shiznit!!! All the guys want her!
"Dang!!! Is that Makayla?"
"Heck yeah!"
"She is fine"
"Pshht yeah!"
by Makalak April 28, 2008
a really cool girl... that is extremely rad. She's good at writing poetry, and is an all around awesome person. REALLY AWESOME...

one of the best people...ever!
makayla is cool, so cool, that the cool kids are always like, she's so COOL.
by sam February 05, 2005
great personality, truly awesome best friend....hilarous, pretty, loves to hang with friends...is loved by everyone...and has beatiful eyes!
MaKayla(sweet) (pretty)
by toriluvsbasketball April 08, 2010
A Makayla is a creature of surprising twists and turns. If you have the good fortune to come across a makayla, you have to be on your toes if you want to get to know how she works. She is deep, yet fragile; smart, yet incredibly naive. Before you know it she will twist your heartstrings up into a tangle from whence you may never get free!!! She is the embodiment of sunshine, with the personality of electricity and the brain of a guru.
Hey, how did you find a makayla? Can I have some?

No, it's mine. Go find your own makayla.
by The Pool Chic July 21, 2011
o my gosh! so hot! i want to go out with her so bad! damn! im 2 years older that her but i dont care! i dont think anybody really cares they just want her, the hottest girl in GV eva!!!
cody: dude thats makayla!!!!
me: she is so HOT!!!
by nathan462 March 21, 2009
An awsome girl, who I hurt bad.
I am very sorry but she doesnt belive me.
But dont judge her, shes an amazing person.

So hopefully this is proof enough that she will believe me.
"Makayla is amazing"
"I know right"

by Spriderman. November 22, 2010