She is the most perfect girl ever! Makayla has amazing eyes you will ever see. She is an amazing person with a kind and adorable personality. If she can be herself around you, you must be one lucky guy!
P.S She has a ROCKIN body with an AMAZING ass!!
Dude, that's the Makayla chick I was talking about!

Damn, she's hot... and that ass!(:
by HIM<3 (; May 07, 2013
The best friend anyone could ever have, and will always be there for you. She is innocent in her own way, and makes almost anyone comfortable around her. For some reason, REALLY likes boobies.
Me:Heey Kayla!
Makayla: Don't be such a boob ;)
Me: No, you're a boob!
Makayla: You know what that makes us?
Both: Breast friends!
by Heeey Kayla March 27, 2013
Shes a Head Fuck. She`ll get stuck on her ex no matter how much of a dick he is. Most beautiful girl you`ll ever see. Her eyes ensnare your soul. Her kiss will leave you higher than a mother fucker and wanting more. She can be an awful tease and is naive as a child at times yet smart. DONT fall for her or your as fucked as you can get. If you can manage to get her to fall for you then you are a lucky man. Shes also scared of spiders.
Damn that bitch a Makayla.
by THISniggaFLY November 21, 2012
Person who is really cool but when talking to might make random orgasmic noises.
Makayla-Okay im back Nick-Welcome back Makayla- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Nick-WTF
by fasn November 24, 2012
Makayla is the most beautiful girl in life. she means the world too me, made for only riley. i've cried for her. her eyes freeze you in spot, you automatically fall in love, same with her smile it's nevr ending, her laugh is the cutest her kisses brighten you up no matter how dark it may be, they're unforgettable. she is like the sun for these reasons. she has many insecurities and some faults,but im there to fix them. but so does everyone, her personality is the greatest, nobody has a better one then her but also has her childish moments sometimes annoying but in the end loveable. she also forgives fairly easy if you don't fuck with her heart. gorgeous, beautiful cute, hot, sexy you name it she got it. i fucked up bad and now i don't got her anymore. so don't end up like me she'll fight for anything she knows is worth fighting for. and if somebody messes with her, you mess with them. don't let her slip away cause i promise you. she's the best thing any guy could ever ask for, her. if she falls for you catch her. if she wants to be set free, let her go and point her in the right direction, but don't crush her. she's too fragile to crush, whatever guy catches her next riley or not better treat her in the same way and let it go free. ps. don't tickle her in the sides, she likes to kick and your balls for some reason always end up being the target.
Makayla? Yeah She's my Girl, Well.. was till i fucked up
by jimmyjobobmooseburger January 27, 2013
Makayla's are usually very quiet girls at first but once you earn their trust, get ready for a good time. They are kind, sweet and sassy all at the same time, making for an awesome combination. Makayla's aren't afraid to take risks and have fun but they have enough self respect to not post they're plans all over social media. They are cooler than the flip side of your pillow, incredibly pretty and fiercely loyal friends. If you're lucky enough to meet a Makayla, get ready for the time of your life.
by Cocochannel1 August 30, 2014
A very awesome person who is fun to be around and can light your whole day up. She is an amazing friend, and is very smart. Any one who is mean to her must not have a heart. She loves animals, all kinds. She is very scared of spiders though, such a shame. She is a rare species, also known as a Makalian.

rare awesome fun friendly cute
Wow, did you hear about makayla nursing a pig back to health yesterday?
by SUperchikk3345 May 25, 2011

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