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One who practices the majic of the lotus. With hatchet held high, a dance for rain can bring down the firey sky. like "teh hatchet" a majic ninja is not judged by what he does, but how it is done. heed my words.
Theres only one thing left to do ... summon the majic ninjas!
by teh hatchet December 27, 2003
The Majic Ninjas are the two ninjas summoned by Big Baby Sweets in the film "Big Money Hu$la$.

The phrase: "Majic Majic Ninjas, Whut!" has become somewhat of a common phrase among us Juggalos, as well as fans of the film
"Then there is only one thing to do.... we must summon.... the Majic Ninjas......."

"Majic Majic Ninja, Whut! Majic Majic Ninja, Whut!"
by Overlord Ixmythot August 26, 2007
Similar to fairies and pixies this fruity character is known to wear a bright pink jumpsuit with a matching puce sash strewn elegantly over their face. The majic ninja is known to hang out in bath houses and locker rooms.
Look out for the majic ninja man! He almost stabbed you with his meat dagger.
by teh hatcher August 30, 2005
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