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a group of hard ass pimps who are known for their comic genius and their amazing good looks; they are composed of members of all over the world but ran by 3 wise men; their cheating skills are off the charts and 2 of the members represent some of the best in warcraftl; the future looks bright, sexy, and gilded with gold for MAJIC's three leaders
"you may have skill but we have majic"
by bigdaddymatt April 20, 2004
Three wise pimps that are grandmaster at the art of stealing, lieing, thieving, and of course pimping. They may look like ordinary people to the naked eye but once put under infrared light you will see that the have a special aura that affects everyone around them. As the old saying goes once you go majic you can't go to a black chick.
Man:"Dude I'll suck you dick if you let me into majic"

Majic Member:"Hmmmmmmmm....."
by HSUANSTR April 21, 2004
One with certain abilities and specific skills to to gain power of, and educated by B-minus And Royal HipHop
One day Majic came up to Bob and changed the way he thought of his music
by Maciej P-MP January 27, 2004

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