Usualy stands for a person who lives of her friends expenses. Although, she's a heavy drinker and smoker, she never has money for alcohol or her own cigarettes.
She can also be very moody and could get upset with you in a moment. she is quite unreliable, and she can transform to the person, who she hangs out the most.
But on the other hand, she knows how to be a good friend. And she is always there for you.
She also has some stupid and idiotic responses, that amuse people around her. (example: say whaaaa?)
friend: Hey, Maja!
Maja: Do you have a cigarette?

person 1: what kind of music do you listen now?
person 2: the same as Kira does.
person 1: why?
person 2: because she's my new best friend!
person 1: oh come on, you're such a Maja!
person 2: saay whaaaaa?
by colorado goat October 09, 2011
Top Definition
a wonderful person and an amazing friend who is amazing
especially when stupid bitches cant get their own lives.
always there for you, maja
by maja,cool April 16, 2008
Maja is an awesome person with lots of energy and comes with an absolutely splendid sense of humor. Boys always fall head over heels for the fantastic Maja. The special thing about the Maja is that she looks good at any angle. So she is very easily recognizable, no doubt about that. Also, when drinking alcohol, the Maja never stops being awesome, even if she is shitfacewasted. The Maja attracts only hot men who are very intelligent. She needs to be stimulated on her very smart self.
Maja: "Fuck, I'm shitface wasted"
Linn: "But you're still awesome!"

Maja: *Makes a joke*
Madeleine: ROFL

Maja: *Walks around in circles and dances crazy monkeydance alle over the place*
Kamilla: Woooow, MAJA you look HAAAWT from any kind of angle!!

For example: people who look incredibly good, you can just say that they're such a Maja

Out drinking and want your friend to be awesome no matter how drunk she or he gets, you can just ask them to be Maja-wasted. Much more charming.
by Bikkja September 06, 2011
Swedish slang for weed
haru lite maja o sälja?
do you have some weed that I can buy?
by _Heather_ October 27, 2006
Smart, pretty and adorable! Maja is probably one of the nicest people in the world. She is always there for you, and she knows what's best. Be friends with a Maja. She'll rock your world.
Maja: Are you okay?
Friend: *starts crying her heart out*
Maja: It's gonna be okay!
by paradise606 July 02, 2012
Maja is a standard name code that in certain social security systems are given to children that has been left in societys care. The children are mainly abandoned by their parents due to substance abuse — most often cannabis. The name started out as a kind of stoner-in-joke, but has in later years gained traction and relevance as a deterministic code for especially difficult children and are used in orphanages combined with numbers.
Oh that poor girl, you can tell she is a Maja.
by chuji March 22, 2016
"I'm about to get some Maja from Steve"
by Tonedeaf April 10, 2014
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