A nice girl who eventually evolves into a bitch after you get to know her for a few years.Usually has an assholeboyfriend who has no brain or life, and friend's that act exactly like her, except one of them's nicer.Also has white hair even though she is in her mid-teens, and wears short shorts when her legs aren't much to look at.
"Yo Jared, you better watch out for Maja she stopped talking to me, and you're next."

"Man that Maja dumped me because she fell in love with that damn kid that acts like a fucking potato,fuck!"

"Here comes Maja and her friends aka the bitch clique ,oh wait but there's Sandy,this should be good."
by dan5842 June 27, 2009
Person providing abuse in a funny accent and constantly whining about other people having either a) better shoes or b) magical prowess than them. Heavy smoker and drinker, will constantly provide amusing friendship unless angered.
Always a good ranter, Maja.
by Drilski December 18, 2009
a girl who is helplessly obsessed with boys by the name of kiernan and jacob
kiernan-man, that girl maja is obsssed with me!

jake- ewwww
by jackme off April 15, 2008
a hideous girl who likes to flirt with guys by the name of kiernan or jacob
secretly she collects hair particles as DNA samples from either kiernan or jacob
she also takes pictures of them and has a whole album of photos with kiernan or jacob in them
she also likes to text kiernan when he is sick and say
"I'm just trying to make you feel better"
i am maja i am eating an ice cream sandwich
but i want to eat the orange instead
by thereare bananas in April 15, 2008
a horrible person and a lousy friend who is disgusting especially when totally amazing bitches have their own lives.
you suck ass and no one likes you, maja
by Jack Zones May 01, 2008

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