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Hottest girl In the school. Unique yet mysterious. She is always looking great, and in style. She has damn wicked style. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Stunning. Hot. WOW.
Mairead is the most beautiful girl ever.
by Alex December 27, 2004
mairead..... from the rural part of the world...full of life and very beautiful although she doesnt think so...she makes the world so much more fun and does have a wonderful cousin Mikaela she rox also.... Mairead totally floats my boat and is toally class craic plus she does a wicked impression of tramps and myself of course and that irish voice...totally wicked...mwoah..kisses
i am bored and dont se thepoint in writing this bit so i will tell u i wont for the rest of these twenty feckin words i have to write
by trampy kilrea girl February 28, 2005
best friend anyone could ever have. shes beautiful and doesn't realize it. no matter how much you tell her she looks at herself as ugly even tho she is beautiful. shes loved by many and escpialcially by one. shes had her heart broke and still thinks about him. he does to.mairead tends to be a good kisser evryone should have a friend mairead. they are amazing.
boy one: dude i made out with this chick and she was awsome! a total mairead!

boy two: nice man!!
by coolcat82 July 09, 2010
Im just joking....Mairead is awesome!!!!!
Mairead is awesome!!!!
by Eugene April 06, 2005
the most AWESOME and PRETTIEST girl EVER! dayyyuuummm!!! she could be a supermodel!! mairead tends to have an unusual liking for jewish guys named 'silver panther' who she has actually never talked to in her life. she liked making up codenames with her friend baylee who is also AWESOME but not as awesome as mairead!!! mairead is a name that originated from ireland and scotland a long time ago. she is related to macbeth. and she liked chapstick. a lot. HOTT!! she has a birthmark below her left eye. She is one brilliant and amazing girl.
Dude 1: Wow who is that girl?

Dude 2: idk but she looks like she could be a mairead, am i right?

Dude 1: probably.... dayum.

Dude 2: wow.

Mairead: Hey!

Dudes: (fall to ground bowing) i am not worthy!!

by zaqwsxcderfv November 24, 2010
Colloquial term for a severe case of gonorrhea.
Boy 1: I really shouldn't have got with that prostitute - she gave me the mairead!
Boy 2: Dude!
by 'the kerp trimmer' March 01, 2010
TOTAL LOSER!!!! Biggest loser in school, no style at all
That girl looks like Mairead
by joe February 18, 2005

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