The Main Line is not full of Jews. I just recently moved to the main line and i am Catholic. My family also doesnt own a Jaguar, or a BMW and for my 16th birthday my parents would never buy me a car. we dont have a house at the shore. Not everyone on the Main Line is loaded. People who have no reason to hate the main line just write stuff on this website to put other people down. However there are many Preppy kids on the Main Line, not all kids are shallow and rich snobby assholes. There are many sterotypes about the Main Line but not all of them are true.
The Main Line is not what most people think it is.
by pom111 May 02, 2005
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The main line is a place where there are tons of rich ass kids riding around in whatever car they want. whether it is the new BMW or Mercedes or maybe it's the mustang or STI. Merion Golf Club and Philly Country Club are the two most prestigious clubs and consist of nearly 100% WASPS. radnor valley is the country club that the jews like to hold onto because they wouldn't get accepted at either of the previous two. Malvern Prep, The Haverford School, Baldwin, Agnes Irwin, Shipley, Radnor, and Lower Merion are the preppiest schools around and are filled with very many rich kids. "nantucket" or "bermuda" red shorts are all over during the summers and no one would think about going out without a collared shirt on. if you don't wear J Crew, Abercrombie, American Eagle, or whatever else you aren't likely to fit in with the stereotypical mainliner.
Just like in all places there are exceptions and not EVERYONE is rich and snobbish like that; however, it is fairly prominent and behind every stereotype there is truth.
Let's go to the mall, get some starbucks, get fucked up, then tomorrow morning we'll go to my shore house in avalon or nantucket for the weekend. god i love the main line.
by mainliner?? November 29, 2005
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Shooting up through the main veins in your arms.
It's lame that you can't main line that shit and you have to use your hand instead. Maybe you should take a break for a while.
by H.W. October 30, 2006
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I live on the main line and im not a spoiled little bitch that only hangs out with other spoiled little bitches. A majority of the people here might go to a private school, but that is because its by choice, most of them, if they wanted to they would be able to go to a public school. Not everyone has a house in avalon, and most people go with there friends who do. And no one looks down at people who dont have as much as they do, honestly most people dont give a shit how much money there friends parents make. Also no one wears polo shirts around, most of the kids wear it to school because its part of their uniform
The main line is awesome and people know it, they just dont want to admit it.
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Ok, so everyone wants to talk shit about Main Line.... let them! Yeah I have the latest ipod, Yeah I have like 500 pairs of shocks from Nikeid.com, Yeah I post only shop on the second floor in neimans, yeah I have my hair done at Jay Micheals, Yeah I have the latest designer bag..... but you know what? I'm also the nicest person on earth! All those people who are envious go ahead.... we'll be waiting and ready to throw dior saddle bags at your head!
Those main liners are the shit.
by OMG2250 May 02, 2005
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The main line is a place where people can all pretend like they aren't rich. They hire college students to raise their children, and live mainly off of seltzer water and cottage cheese. They hire people to vaccuum and plant pretty trees but they are all either too strung out on pills/too busy commuting into the city to make the "big bucks"/in nantucket to notice. The women all have large breasts and tiny waists because they get plastic surgery, and they glare at other women who are threatening their "territory" (the husbands that are cheating on them with the babysitter). They think that their children are better because they saturate them in the "good life"-vacation, swimming and horseback riding lessons, fine art, and organic food, but really they are just creating their children to be people who truly believe that they are better than the rest of the world.

The sickest thing about the mainline is that there is old money, and the second generation truly does not know any different than what they have been raised in. They will live and die believing that they are "middle class" and that the way that they are living is fine. They will go on growing their little gardens thinking that it is environmentally friendly, yet continue to exploit people for their own profit, whether it be in their business or at their job. They will donate money to charities to feel better about it, and make their kids go on short term mission trips so that they realize how "lucky" they are. This pocket of suburbia is the epitome of everything that is wrong with America, and it truly is sad. There are documentaries about the pits of poverty in Africa, but there should be documentaries about the pits of wealth in Berwyn or Wayne.

Those who read this and think that they are different, they are not. If your kid goes to Radnor township, you are a sell out. If you think that just because your kids go to Good Sam Youth they aren't being exploited by your wealth, then go read the Bible and think about Jesus' words on what it means to be a person of humility and of little possessions. You are NOT middle class, and I don't care how many good causes you support. The mainline is a disgrace to humanity and I hope the recession burns a hole through it.
He who goes to the main line with hope comes out cynical.
by Laura Drake August 16, 2009
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So I guess I would fit the perfect Main Line stereotype:
*Never been on a commercial airplane
*Never had to clean my room
*Goes to a local private school
*Dates a guy at another private school
*Is afraid of public schools (we've heard people bring guns and sell drugs there)
*Vacations to Nantucket,MA; Palm Beach, FL; Avalon, NJ; Barbados, Carribean.
*Owns 3 houses
*Belongs to Marion Cricket
*Is a legacy of an Ivy League College
*Is a prep
*Owns designer cloths

But, I have met so many more people who do NOT have the above. Unlike what other people have said, we are not self-centered bitches. We are people who actually donate millions of dollars a year to foundations and we do a lot of volunteer work. We want to HELP our community, not OWN our community. The Main Line is just where we live because there are people who are also Upper Class here. We only go to Private Schools to maximize our education, not because we are overly privileged. Despite what people say, I do not know ANYONE who lives a "perfect" life. I do not know ANYONE who is happy with their life. We do not get everything we want and we are not selfish or self-centered. WE CARE!
Baldwin Girl: Hey, whats up?
Agnes Irwin Girl: Nothing much, I just got back from volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House. I just cashed in the Read for Ronald Check, it was over $10,000: A new school record. How about you?
Baldwin Girl: No way! I'm going there next week to give them a check our school raised. I was cleaning up trash from the roadsides.

Note: Both Baldwin & AIS are schools on the Main Line
by AgnesIrwinchick<3 March 30, 2008
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