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moonlike, beautifull and perfect like the moon
by Anonymous May 12, 2003
296 83
a persian name
by mahsa March 15, 2003
202 20
perfect, beautiful
by Anonymous May 13, 2003
249 80
Gender: Female
Origin: Persian.

Like the Moon, PERFECT.

Amazing, VERY ATTRACTIVE, nice, beautiful, very INTELLECTUAL.

Normally has a very high intuition and sees easily trough other people.

Mahsa equals succes.

A really good and warm friend, the nicest.

Someone who always gets noticed, just by being them self.

Very down to earth, but sparkly.

"There is Mahsa, WOW lovely"

" I did a Mahsa" = I did something and it turned out perfect.

"It's a Mahsa" = it's Perfect; It's gorgeous; It's sparkly; It's Like the moon.

Like a Mahsa= It's very wise;
by Kmilan November 25, 2010
88 15
A person who lies all the time in office politics to gain the upper hand.
Dude what did you expect from Gregg during board meeting? Don't you know he is such a Mahsa!
by nhaqabc October 29, 2010
18 83
The wrong hole....tends to be fat
So there was this guy that went to Europe and was bangin a grl, and she kept yelling the word Mahsa, and he didn't understand but assumed it was something good bc she was screaming! The next day he went golfing with his friend, His friend hits the ball and then yells the word MAHSA...He asks his friend what the hell that word meant, and his friend responds...It means wrong hole
by holey June 14, 2007
17 162