Top Definition
1) Something that is beyond being massive
2) A object/body astronomically immense in its magnitude
3) Fucking B-I-G !!!!
Daryl's Chode is MAHOOSIVE

Man My Man Bits are Mahoosive!! :)
by The Third Place April 24, 2003
Really quite large, actually.
Tom, your stomach is so large, i could even call it mahoosive!

Daryl told Jenny his penis was Mahoosive... He lied. It was just large.
by Namewastaken December 02, 2010
if something is awesomely huge or bigger than massive
woow that thing is ma-hoo-sive
by matthewwww March 07, 2009
Massive, but larger.
That is a mahoosive rat, even a rahoosive
by Pickerisms Scholar July 04, 2015

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