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The name of a very pretty, wonderful..... all that good stuff, girl. Who really rocks and owns at least one dog.
Mahalia is the best!
by Guess April 03, 2005
She is the most amazing, perfect and beautiful girl you will ever meet. No matter what happens you will always love her. You will always try and keep her no matter what, nothing can stand in your way to keep her yours. You will never ever stop loving her and she will mean the absolute world to you. You won't find the words to describe her or find the words to describe how you feel for her. She is the most beautiful, sexy, amazing, perfect and perfect girlfriend. And you will think she is too good for you, but really she is just the perfect one for you and you just have to hope that you are the perfect one for her. She is the funniest girl you will ever meet and will always make you smile no matter what. You will never stop thinking about this girl and you will love her no matter what. You will love her forever and always.
Look overthere at the sexy Mahalia.
by Think Fast September 28, 2014
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